seeking wonder

dark world, bright light,

pebbles on the road,

seeking wonder in an ordinary world

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i peer into the deep blue pond,

a trembling image peers back, an enigma,
a distant stranger I am trapped within,

i peer into the misty mirror,

the stranger stands facing me,

a smirk on his face,

i must live my life in servitude to this stranger,

and when this stranger becomes old i must suffer his pain,

a wandering soul trapped in this material world,

a servant to the body that gives this soul its existence

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the moment

the past is an illusion, lost in the darkness forever,

the future is an early-morning mist, a haze in the distant horizons, the absolute unknown,
the moment is the truth, the undeniable feeling of existence,

the moment is the only time that you have, the only bit of lifetime that you can keep,

the moment is where we exist, the rest is irrelevant

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The wandering continues…

This blog has been created to express my deepest views through poetry. I will warn you that I am no professional poet, just a simple human being looking for meaning and attempting to express himself through the art of poetry.

You may be wondering why I chose this title. The reason for this is simply that I have always envisioned myself at crossroads. Time and again I find myself in the exact same place. The time may be different, the circumstances may have changed, but in my mind, I just come back to the same crossroads. And, it is the decisions that I make at these crossroads that shape the life that I live.

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